Congratulations to the April Citizens of the Month.  Lilian Bulls, Tessa Zuvers and Daniel Apger were selected by their teachers and were honored at the May 2, 2022 school board meeting.

Liliana Bulls
Liliana is a 5th grade student in Mrs. Decker's class.  She was chosen by the School Interventionists.

Liliana is always a pleasure to work with during recess and lunch. She is always willing to help out when needed. Liliana gives encouragement to her peers and displays a positive attitude when performing her Bulldog Ambassador duties. She also helps with DK and Kindergarten students at recess. I have enjoyed seeing Liliana grow through the years. ~ Ms. Lucie

Liliana has worked hard to improve her reading this year. She has made great gains in reading and demonstrates the 3Rs daily. Lily demonstrates responsibility by learning new material and mastering it. She shows respect by coming every day to learn with a great attitude. Lily has shown she is resilient by understanding that we all have things that we need to improve on. By working hard she has made herself a better student. It has been a lot of fun to work with Lily and I always enjoy our time together. ~ Ms. Jen

Liliana is the granddaughter of Brad Bailey.

Tess Zuvers
Tessa is one of the most thoughtful, kind students I have ever met. She is very sensitive to the needs of teachers and students. Tessa is also a very hard worker and goes above and beyond what is expected of her in order to learn as much as possible. I am grateful to have Tessa in my classroom and cannot wait to see what lies ahead in her life as she moves on in HS and college. Great job Tessa! ~ Miss Martell

Tessa has been a joy to have this year. She is always highly engaged in class and thrives in creative situations. She has a wonderful imagination, and I love to see how it shines through her work - especially in her short stories. Tessa and I have had many fun conversations this year, and I am grateful to have her in class. She is always willing to help others and me. I am excited to see her future unfold. Keep it up Tessa! You rock! ~ Miss Luma

I couldn’t be happier to have Tessa in my class. She is caring and thoughtful, as well as, a wonderful teammate during our projects. Having Tessa first hour means that each day starts off for me with her wonderful smile and cheerful greetings. I’m grateful to work with such an amazing student and am looking forward to watching Tessa blossom into the amazing person she’s destined to be! ~ Mrs. Gierucki

Tessa is the daughter of Scott and Natalie Zuvers.

Daniel Apger
Daniel is a diligent, hard-working student. He is an active learner: participating in class activities and contributing to discussions. He enhances learning by asking pertinent questions and sharing insightful thoughts. Daniel is not only a pleasure to have as a student in class; he also keeps me on my toes by asking for additional assignments and giving me ideas for independent book reports! Daniel enjoys reading and is a great representative of the best of Morenci: diligence, teamwork, and contribution to community. Congratulations, Daniel, on being the April Citizen of the Month. ~ Mrs. Dunford

Dan is a quiet, conscientious, friendly student. He readily participates in class discussions and often attends tutoring, just to complete his work. Dan brings fresh views to content and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions that further his knowledge. Dan is great addition to class! He is respectful to everyone he comes in contact with. Congratulations, Dan! Keep up the positive outlook and great work! ~ Mrs. Collins

Daniel is a hard-working student with a great attitude. I enjoy the conversations I have with Daniel after class. His pursuit of knowledge and athletics has turned him into a well-rounded individual who is sure to do great things. Keep up the great work! ~ Mr. Phillips

Daniel is the son of Ronald and Autumn Apger.