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Bailey Pickles
Athletic Trainer
Jediah Hall
MS/HS Assistant Principal/Athletic Director & Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Joe Farquhar
Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Laura Francoeur
MS Girls Basketball Coach
Cassy Greenwood
JV Volleyball Coach
Steve Hartman
Varsity Baseball Coach
Kay Johnson
Varsity Softball Coach
Ashley Joughin
Varsity Girls Basketball & MS Volleyball Coach
Daiton Lemmon
Varsity Football Assistant, JV Boys Basketball Coach,Varsity Boys Basketball
Darren Lemmon
JV Boys Basketball Coach
Ryan McDowell
JV Girls Basketball
Cody McLouth
Middle School Football Coach
Cameron Miller
Middle School Football Coach
Hunter Nino
Varsity Bowling Coach
Scott Reincke
Varsity Baseball Coach
Doug Rupp
MS Girls & Boys Basketball Coach
Garrett Schermerhorn
MS Boys Basketball Coach
Renae Shaffner
MS Volleyball Coach/Varsity Softball Coach
Brandon Stover
Varsity Baseball Coach
Josh Taylor
Varsity Assistant Football Coach