Students enter the building at 7:40 AM

  • No adult supervision outside until 7:30 AM

  • Students will wait outside until the doors open at 7:40 AM

  • Students will grab breakfast as they enter the building and go straight to class. 

School starts at 7:45 AM 

Half-day dismissal at 12:00 PM 

School dismissal at 2:55 PM 

  • If students are picked up after school, always make sure that they know who is picking them up and where they are going to meet them.

  • Parents are to wait outside the building for their children at the end of the day.  

Use the Transportation Request form for any changes in the normal pick-up routine. 

Transportation changes need to be made prior to 1:00 that day.

Please make an effort to abide by these arrival and departure

guidelines to help ensure the safety for our students.