Traditionally, our school holds a meeting each year to discuss the details of our Title 1 program and provide parents with an opportunity to share their thoughts and suggestions. We have prepared a published presentation that covers all the important aspects of our Title 1 program. This presentation serves as a guide to help you understand the purpose, benefits, and initiatives of Title I in our school. It includes details about how the program supports student achievement, the resources available, and the ways in which parental involvement plays a crucial role.

Each year, our school typically holds a meeting with families to let you know about our Title I program.  At this meeting, parents also have an opportunity to provide feedback on the program and our parental involvement plans.  This year, we held an in-person meeting, but we also wanted to provide our Annual Title I meeting via published presentation with a parent/guardian survey to follow.  Please use the links in this letter as your guide for all your Title I program information.

We ask that you complete the steps below by October 24, 2023, so we can review your feedback.

Step 1

Review the Title I Presentation.  The PowerPoint gives some background information on Title I and discusses three important documents that we ask you to review.

Step 3

After reviewing the documents above, please complete the Parent/Guardian Survey to provide any feedback about the documents.  You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about our Title I program.

Thank you for participating in our Virtual Title I Meeting. This feedback is important to our school, and we appreciate your time.