During spring break many upgrades were completed through the energy bond project.

On Monday, April 11, 2022 the elementary gym will be closed.  As contractors were preparing for the installation of the new air handler in the elementary gym, asbestos was disturbed in the elementary gym/cafeteria storage room that is on the north west wall. (This is the room that stores the cafeteria tables.) Contractors immediately reported the incident and a call was placed to Nova Environmental, Inc. Nova Environmental was down to conduct air samples and determined the area impacted was contained to just the storage room.

Nova Environmental has secured Trust Thermal to conduct the emergency abatement and repair, as reported to the State, on Friday (4/8) and Saturday (4/9).  Nova Environmental will then take air samples to the lab on Monday morning since the lab is not open over the weekend.  If air samples are good, the gym will be available for use on Tuesday, April 12th. Should the air samples fail, Nova Environmental and Trust Thermal will both return to the site to re-clean and take additional air samples to the lab on Tuesday/Wednesday.  

After hearing parents desire to keep students in the classroom, administration has talked to Food Service and employees are making plans to serve lunch in the classrooms on Monday. Principal Love is also in the process of making arrangements for alternative gym classes for Monday.

Best case scenario is the gym is down Monday and returns to business as normal on Tuesday. If air samples prohibit that, the gym may be closed through Wednesday. However, both Nova Environmental and Trust Thermal are very confident to be up and running on Tuesday as planned. Thankfully contractors stopped abruptly and reported the incident. This has helped greatly in containing the area impacted and helped reduce the level of abatement and repair that is needed to proceed.

Lighting upgrades were completed at the middle/high school.  Lights will appear brighter but also dimmer as many of them are on automatic dimmers when not in use.

If you have any questions please contact Mr. McAran.