The Morenci Administration have been hard at work coming up with a plan on keeping our school open in the event of staff shortages.  The Board of Education approved Administrative Guidelines 8500 and 8600 to outline how we will keep the cafeteria running and provide transportation to our families.

Transportation Emergency (ADREG 8600):

In the event that two or more bus drivers are unavailable Mrs. Wilson will utilize an alternate route system to keep our fleet going.  The alternate route will be posted on the school website.

What will happen?  One bus route will be eliminated and students will be put on a different bus route.

How do I know if my child will be on a different bus? The students/families that are affected by the change will receive notification from Mrs. Wilson. 

How will we know when an alternate system will be in use? When an alternate route system is being used families will be notified by the alert system and should expect a 10-20 minute delay in pick up and arrival times.

Food Service (ADREG 8500):

If the Person-In-Charge for either building were absent the District is now able to utilize other trained personnel to keep our cafeteria running for that day.